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Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy, appointment reminders are sent out via email and text(if you are opted in). Please write your appointment down. We cannot be held responsible if an appointment is missed. 


To avoid a fee, we ask that all appointments be cancelled or rescheduled outside of 36 hours. If the appointment is cancelled inside of the 36 hours time frame, your nonrefundable booking fee will be forfeit.  Please understand same day cancellations are incredibly hard to fill. 

To cancel an appointment, you can either do so online outside of the 36 hour window online, or contact directly. Please ensure you receive a response or it will not be considered a cancellation and the fee will apply. The reminder text does not take incoming msgs.

Booking Appointments

All booking fees are deducted from the total service the day of.

A nonrefundable booking fee of $56.50 including tax is required for all lash and brow bookings. The fee is due the day of booking.  Please note, in the event of a violation of our no show or cancellation policy, your booking fee will not be refunded or transferred. 

A nonrefundable booking fee of $113 including tax for all Cosmetic appointments is due the day of booking. Please note, in the event of a violation of our no show or cancellation policy, your booking fee will not be refunded or transferred. 

You can etransfer the fee to, once we see the fee deposited you will get a receipt and your appointment will be confirmed. 

Please ensure you receive a confirmation email for your booking. We cannot accommodate any appointments not present in our system. Due to the volume of clientele, mentioning a desired appointment time is not securing an appointment. Spots are only held when one of the above options are completed. 

By booking online, you authorize KW Beauty to charge your card on file for any no show appointments, or last minute cancellations. 


Once the etransfer is paid, we allot one rebooking in a 30 days period where we will transfer the booking fee paid to the new time slot you can attend. After the one rebooking, if you decide you want to rebook again, we will request a new booking fee and the previous fee is forfeit. 

Late Policy

We work hard to accommodate all late appointments but more than 5 minutes late will be considered a no show and will result in forfeiting your booking fee, or a charge to the card on file. 


For the safety of children and staff, we are unable to accommodate any children at our appointments. Please ensure you have adequate child coverage for your appointment prior to booking the appointment. 


If you are unsatisfied with a service, please let us know upfront. We are happy to discuss with you how we can ensure you are satisfied. With this in mind, there are no refunds for services. Due to COVID, we only offer returns on products that are defective or causing adverse reactions to your skin. 

medispa, botox, fillers, chemical peels, microneedling

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Booking Guidelines