IV Vitamin therapy is designed to replenish the body; supporting energy, sleep, moods, immunity and overall health. 


Even Pigment Drip                         

- will help absorb iron, important for bones and connective tissue, treats and prevent vitamin C deficiency 

- helps lighten hyper-pigmentation and the prevention of hyper-pigmentation

- source of amino acid and antioxidants 

Wellness Drip                                 

- aids in depression, Asthma and migraines

- lowers blood pressure, anti-inflammatory benefits, boosts exercise performance

- help prevent muscle spasms

Calorie Burn Drip                             

- aids in depression, Asthma and migraines 

- promotes cardio health, electrolyte balance, promotes hearing function

- helps improve endurance, inhibits buildup of lactic acid, and reduces accumulation

of metabolic wastes during exercise

- source of vitamin B, treats neuropathy, ALS, and certain types of anemia

- aids in the breakdown of fat, activates certain genetic processes that increases lean tissue, generates energy and support of metabolism

Hydrating Drip                           

- treats stomach upset, heartburn and indigestion

help prevent muscle spasms

- source of Amino acids, treats negative nitrogen balance***, provides the body with nutrition

- source of Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin B

- aids in depression, Asthma and Migraines.

*** Negative nitrogen balance is associated with burns, serious tissue injuries, fevers, hyperthyroidism, wasting diseases, and during periods of fasting