Hyperhydrosis/ Excessive Sweating

What area can be treated? 

Under arms



How does the injections work for Hyperhydrosis? 

Hyperhidrosis is abnormal excessive sweating that's not necessarily related to heat or exercise. You may sweat so much that it soaks through your clothes or drips off your hands. Besides disrupting normal daily activities, this type of heavy sweating can cause social anxiety and embarrassment.

Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis

Most people sweat when they exercise or exert themselves, are in a hot environment, or are anxious or under stress. The excessive sweating experienced with hyperhidrosis far exceeds such normal sweating. This type of hyperhidrosis usually affects the hands, feet, underarms or face and causes at least one episode a week, during waking hours.

Hyperhidrosis treatment can be include Botox. Usually 100-200 units is injected into the area of excessive sweat. Botox injected into that area works by blocking nerve signals that are responsible for sweating. This stops the glands from producing excess amounts of sweat.

There is no down time and results last 6-12 months

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