Injection lipolysis(dissolving fat) is done by injecting a compounded component named Deoxycholic acid. It is injection into areas where the fat is gathered. The deoxycholic acid injection will target the fat cell wall by dissolving it, which will not allow the fat cell to survive. This is a permanent reduction in the fat cells in that area. To successfully remove all fat, usually 3-5 sessions are needed.


Please note, if there is a drastic change in weight gain or weight loss, the fat cells can return. Those would be new fat cells, not the fat cells we dissolved.  I do recommend consults for these services as it will allow us to provide you a more accurate quote as well as provide some beneficial appointment information. 

You cannot be Nursing or Pregnant to receive this treatment. 

Submental fat(double chin) or jowls $599 a session

Other body area by consult only 

Pre & Post Procedure Information:

For all injection lipolysis, we offer topical numbing. You can expect swelling for 2-4 weeks post treatment. Swelling tells us that your body is responding well to the treatment and in turn your results should be exactly what you hoped for. Bruising is also normal, to help keep bruising to a minimal avoid any blood thinning products 1 week prior to treatment. i.e Advil or Aspirin. If you are on prescribed blood thinning products you are required to see the prescribing physician prior to stopping these medications for treatment. We do not recommend you stop these medications without the direction of the prescribing physician. Tenderness following the appointment is also normal. 

Following treatment, avoid alcohol for 24 hours. Refrain from any blood thinners or aspirin. Applying ice to the area will help with swelling and bruising. Do not apply direct ice, be sure to wrap it in a cloth or paper towel.  Avoid exercising for 24 hours. Avoid rubbing or massaging the area for 24 hours.  No facials, chemical peels, laser treatments for at least 14 days post treatment.  You will be sent home with a written copy of all aftercare instructions to ensure you have a reference if you forget any information. 

We will follow up with you within a couple days to see how you are feeling, we will also schedule a retreatment and follow up with 4-6 weeks. 

Please see the chart below where we can dissolve fat on the body. We can also dissolve fat on the jowls of the fat. 

This service can be done on any gender. 

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