Our "Book Online" button is currently disabled until further notice. If you have questions, please contact us at 226-407-7139


Booking Appointments

A booking fee of $25 is required for all lash and brow bookings. For all cosmetic bookings, a $75 booking fee is required. Please note, in the event of a violation of our no show or cancellation policy, your booking fee will not be refunded or transferred. 


For the nonrefundable booking fee, we can invoice you and you can pay via credit card payment or etransfer OR you can book online and input your credit card information

Please ensure you receive a confirmation email for your booking. We cannot accommodate any appointments not present in our system. Due to the volume of clientele, mentioning a desired appointment time is not securing an appointment. Spots are only held when one of the above options are completed. 

Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy, appointment reminders are sent out 48 hours(email) and 24 hours(text, if you opt in). Please write your appointment down.


We ask that all appointments be cancelled or changed outside of 48 hours. If the appointment is cancelled outside inside of the 48 hours time frame, prior to your appointment and we cannot fill the slot with another client, your nonrefundable booking fee will be forfeit.  Please understand same day cancellations are incredibly hard to fill, we ask that if you feel the appointment may not be able to be made, please contact us as soon as possible. 

To cancel an appointment, you can either do so online outside of the 48 hour window, or contact directly. Please ensure you receive a response. The reminder text does not take incoming msgs.

Other Artists' Work

Safety and health of your natural lash is our number one priority here. If you are coming from another lash artist, we would love to take you on as a client, as long as we can see your lashes for a consult prior to booking a fill appointment. Eyelash consults are free. If for some reason we cannot fill over the set applied, it would be a removal and full set from us, KW Beauty.

Refunds & Lash Satisfaction

If you find you are unhappy with any of the services provided, please contact us within 72 hours.


COVID19 Returning Form

Keratin Lash Lift & Tint Consent Form

Eyelash Extensions Consent Form

Waxing Consent Form

Microblading & Ombre Consent Form

Credit Card Authorization Consent Form